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Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - Dubai

Arrow ECS: Take a Step Towards a Safe Cyberspace

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Gone are the days when a news outbreak on cybercrime was like a comet that struck the earth occasionally. Today, cyber-attacks are wreaking havoc in the world every day. A broader approach to cyber resilience is not just a necessity, on top of a robust firewall, but a much-needed lesson to the digitization savvy enterprises.

“The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing environment, and enterprises are under tremendous pressure to deploy multilayer and comprehensive security strategy to keep up with today’s constantly evolving IT security landscape”, said Vimal Kocher, managing director for the Middle East Region of Arrow’s enterprise computing solutions business. “Our goal is to enable solution partners to understand, execute and deploy comprehensive security solutions across a spectrum of delivery platforms, from data and endpoint security, threat prevention, and security analytics, to automated security and monitoring solutions.

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