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Monday, December 12, 2016 - Dubai

Arrow ECS: Transforming Enterprise Storage

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Enterprise storage can be complex and difficult to manage for some organisations. But with solid-state storage options now evolving from consumer-level flash drives to highly capable flash-based storage arrays for enterprise data centres, what opportunities are emerging for channel partners in the regional enterprise storage market?

Vimal Kocher, managing director at regional VAD Arrow ECS FZCO, said as the cost of flash storage declines and the capacity increases, hybrid and all-flash arrays are appearing to be a better alternative to support high-performance computing and big data analytics workloads.

Kocher said flash-based devices reduce data access time and increase an application’s performance speed. 

“Driven largely by the needs of virtualisation, flash storage offers benefits over traditional hard drive spinning media by delivering very high input and output performance, even with highly randomised workloads,” he said.

He pointed out that the financial and banking industry, and government sector will benefit significantly with microsecond savings when transaction times translate directly into financial and efficiency gains. For mid-tier offerings, Kocher said flash storage is also well-suited to virtualised environments, including server and desktop infrastructures, where input and output requirements are consistently high and random in nature.

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