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Monday, March 05, 2007 - Dubai


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Fifteen children from the Al Noor Centre for Children with Special Needs were recently invited to spend an exceptional day at the premises of Deco Emirates.

From the moment they were warmly welcomed by the company’s General Manager, Hugh Bigley and his team, the children had a fun time learning, for the first time, about the operations of the UAE’s leading interior contracting and furniture manufacturing company.

The tour started early in the morning with a delicious buffet breakfast, followed by a 15-minute factory tour, where the children learned about carpentry. The children were very focused on the demonstrations, asking many questions and making interesting comments. Deco has recently embarked on a massive facilities expansion drive and thought it would be a great opportunity to share this successful move with the Al Noor Students.

It was then the children’s turn to work! The Deco team introduced the children to a real spray painting session, where they had to spray their name on their own tool box. This was a much-enjoyed activity, especially when the students were told that they were going back home with a brand new tool box.

“We decided to invite the students from Al Noor training centre to offer them a first hand experience of the manufacturing facilities, production line, feel and touch the finished products and interact on a one to one level with our team on the floor”; said Hugh Bigley, Deco’s General Manager. “With this special event, we truly believe we can enhance their confidence and bring them closer to mainstream activities and eventually aid them in choosing their career”.

Deco is part of the solidly established holding company Depa United Group, one of the five largest interior contracting companies in the world, specialized in fit-out works for five star hotels, shops, luxurious apartments, offices, yachts and facilities.

“While on the path to growth and success, Depa United Group always recognized the importance of serving and delivering excellence to its clients; however, the company also strongly believes in social responsibilities and considers this to be one of the most fundamental corporate and human values”; added Mohannad Sweid, Chief Executive Officer – Depa United Group.

The children’s busy day came to an end with lunch, followed by a breath-taking magic show. Each child went home with his/her toolbox, wearing t-shirts with their name printed on them, compliments from Mediaone, Depa United Group’s marketing and advertising services’ contractor. Last, but not least, the students from Al Noor School left with fond memories of being a part of an interior contractor operation of a well known company.
“Being socially responsible is not just a topic to talk about at Deco, it’s the way we operate and treat each other every day”; concluded Bigley.


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