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Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - Dubai

LogMeIn: Apps to Run Your Office on the Go

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Take the office with you and be productive anywhere. LogMeIn Ignition The idea of remotely viewing and controlling company PCs will send a shiver through the spines of some, but LogMeIn Ignition offers and answer to these concerns. With full security built in, it’s possible to run and interact with corporate system from a smartphone or table using just this app.

The process for setting up connection is straightforward, but there will be some settings to input to allow such sensitive access and these will usually be done by an IT team. Once set up, future connections are a breeze and open up possibilities for employees when on the road and who need to access all of the system they would use during a normal working day. Cost will be lower, efficiency increased and quality could improve which is more than you could expect from any app.

E-MAIL US: info@tcf-me.com

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