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Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - Dubai

LogMeIn: Connecting Businesses, Getting People Closer

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LogMeIn is one the oldest and most trusted names in the connectivity software space.

LogMeIn is a service-based remote connectivity, collaboration, and support solution for businesses and consumers. They have developed some amazing applications; however, they might not be the most well-known applications, although the apps speak for themselves.

For example, Cubby, a cloud storage app, is nothing ground breaking, or it? While Dominic Cross, director enterprise, LogMeIn was explaining why Cubby is a special app, one could not hold back asking the oblivious question, “o how is Cubby different from Dropbox?”

While the main grouse of Dropbox is the paltry 2GB of free storage space offered, Cubby not just doubles that but offers 1GB additional. Hence, a user starts-off with 5GB of free storage space. Not that it’s a major hindrance, but a drawback experienced with Cubby is its inability to upload multiple files on to the cloud via an Android smartphone. We will pit Cubby versus Dropbox a little later.

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