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Monday, August 08, 2016 - Dubai

LogMeIn’s New, Interactive, Mobile Video Support Offering to Boost Customer Experience

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Stephen duignan vp global marketing logmein

LogMeIn, Inc. (NASDAQ:LOGM) recently introduced Rescue Lens to its product portfolio, a new interactive mobile video support offering based on the revolutionary namesake feature in LogMeIn’s professional remote support product, LogMeIn Rescue. Rescue Lens gives businesses a way to let their customers use virtually any mobile smartphone camera to visually walk customer service agents through an issue via live HD streaming video, eliminating the need to rely on the untrained eye or second-hand descriptions. This opens up an invaluable new customer service and support channel – one designed to boost overall customer experience, while speeding up resolutions and reducing or even eliminating the need for costly onsite service.

This standalone version of Rescue Lens comes after a successful one-year pilot of the capability within LogMeIn Rescue, which is used by tens of thousands of professional help desks and dozens of the world’s biggest and most demanding customer care organisations with millions of customers across the globe. Rescue Lens will join Rescue and BoldChat as part of LogMeIn’s customer engagement and support portfolio – a business expected to contribute approximately 30% of LogMeIn’s total 2016 revenue, which is currently projected to be between USD330 million and USD332 million. While the Lens video support capability will continue to be available as a feature in Rescue, the new standalone offering is designed for use in industries and use cases far beyond Rescue’s computer and mobile remote support heritage.

“Over the last year we’ve seen a growing interest in Rescue Lens, with thousands of companies employing it in live customer service environments. The new Rescue Lens standalone offering provides our customers a distinct first-mover advantage. In today’s digitally powered ecosystem, agile support is critical to customer satisfaction. Video support can help resolve issues on first contact, scale up customer satisfaction and lower overall support costs, giving providers a competitive edge,” noted Stephen Duignan, Vice President of Global Marketing at LogMeIn.

Rescue Lens capabilities

The new standalone Rescue Lens brings all the benefits of LogMeIn’s mobile video support innovation and customer care experience into a simple, lightweight and focused solution. These include the ability to:

  • See what the customer sees: Customers can use their iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet camera to visually walk customer service agents through an issue via live HD video stream, eliminating the need to rely on the untrained eye or second-hand descriptions.
  • Guide customers to resolution via Smart Whiteboard Technology: Allows agents to annotate on the customer’s smartphone screen, on virtually any device. This annotation stays in place, even if the device is moving.
  • Capture images and video of issues: Provides the ability to launch, record and save Lens sessions in context with customer history. 
  • Embed into existing apps: A new mobile SDK makes it quick and easy to embed Lens as a feature into any existing or new mobile app.
  • Bring Lens into existing customer service workflow: Open and flexible, Lens integrates with key ticketing, helpdesk and CRM solutions (e.g. Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.), as well as other LogMeIn solutions.

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