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Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - Dubai

Silver Peak Ready for MEA Expansion

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Silver Peak is hoping to find a new distributing partner by the end of GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK, says Bhaskar Peruri, the Middle East Sales Manager for the firm.

Silver Peak is a company that provides software that unifies cloud, Internet and wide area network fabric (WAN) on a single fabric, giving IT visibility and control over the new networks to ensure performance consistency for applications.

“In addition to customers, what we’re looking for here is value-added partners that can take our products to the market. We want to get another new distributor because we have only one,” says Peruri.

The said, he adds that the primary reason for the firm being at GITEX is for brand awareness. “We’re looking at resellers, but the main thing is awareness, because Silver Peak is very new to the Middle East market. We have been here for three years, but we have not done any marketing. So GITEX is definitely an awareness campaign for us to get customers. At least customers can feel that we are spending in the region.”

Peruri says that WAN is something that has become increasingly common in the region, and as it has grown, the demand to optimise it has also been on the up.

“When they talk about WAN optimisation, they talk about firstly how to reduce the costs,” says Peruri about Silver Peak’s target market.

“They’re paying money to, for example, Etisalat for large WAN data services, so they want to send as much data as possible

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