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Thursday, August 31, 2017 - Dubai

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Silverpeak 2017 8 31 the integrator pg20 interview

How do you see the outlook for SD WAN market growth?

There is a shift and we are seeing increasingly quick adoption of SD WAN solutions. With SD WAN vis-à-vis traditional WAN, customers get the flexibility to move as much of the infrastructure at the edge in branch office including the security appliances to SD WAN. With our SD WAN solution, we are offering customers security, load balancing and even routing facility. It is not just the connectivity but also the availability, reliability and security that is driving traction for SD WAN.

Discuss how SD WAN improves network performance?

While Hybrid WAN is a WAN that utilizes both MPLS and broadband for branch connectivity, this could be considered as the initial step companies will take when moving toward a full broadband, or SD-WAN.

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