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Thursday, August 20, 2009 - Dubai


Turkish Republic, Ministry Of Culture and Tourism Vice Undersecretary

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He was born in 1957 in Konya, TURKEY. He graduated from Ankara University, Political Sciences Faculty Economy and Finance Department in 1980. He started his government duty as a Qaimaqam* candidate in 1981. After serving Mucur, Dicle, Cizre, Dazkiri and Hayrabolu as Qaimaqam, he was promoted as a Political Sciences Inspector in 1995. He was assigned as the Vice Undersecretary of Ministry of Tourism in 2003 and was later promoted to Ministry of Culture and Tourism again as the Vice Undersecretary.

He was elected the Best Administrator during his Hayrabolu governing years. He is married with 3 children.

*qaimaqam: official charged with governing a provincial district

Turkish Republic, Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Promotions General Manager

He was born in Ordu, TURKEY in 1961.
He graduated from Ankara University Economy and Commercial Sciences Academy Business Administration Faculty.
He started his governmental duty as Vice Inspector for Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1982.
1993 – 1996 He worked as an Associate Chairman for Ministry of Tourism, Inspection Committee.
1996 – 2002 He was the Chairman for the Ministry of Tourism Inspection, Committee.
2002 – 2003 He was the Counselor of Culture and Promotions within Washington Consulate General and since April 2005 he has been the Promotions General Manager for Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
1992 – 1993 His received tourism education in Northampton, ENGLAND and his articles were published in various tourism magazines.
He is married with 3 children.

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