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Sunday, July 02, 2017 - Dubai

Turkish Cultural and Tourism Office: Summer Cheer for Middle East Travelers

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Turkey has always been a favoured destination for Middle East holidaymakers. Culture, nature and proximity are the main elements that attract the travellers. From big bustling cities full of ancient history and contemporary art to beautiful beaches and amazing natural heritage, Turkey has something to offer for everyone. From January to December 2016, a total of 822,849 holiday makers from the GCC visited Turkey’s many destinations. UAE residents and nationals travelling to Turkey in 2016 reached around 300,000 tourists, which was a 27 per cent increase. Turkey’s summers are warm and wonderful. Especially beautiful this time of the year is the far west city of Bursa city which features many great natural attractions: the Uluda mountains, the magnificent waterfalls that form from melting snow and the spring water. The Black Sea (Karadeniz) is impressive in the summer with its lush and subtropical climate, its historical ancient sites and picturesque coastal cities.”

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