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Monday, April 21, 2014 - Dubai

Turkish Translation Initiative to be Showcased at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

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Mustafa ozdemir cultural   information attache

Turkish literature and culture will be highlighted at this year’s Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF) from April 30th until May 5th. The Turkish Culture and Tourism Office in Dubai, who will participate at ADIBF, will showcase its global literary initiative TEDA – a project aimed at translating Turkish literature and art into several languages for dissemination worldwide – to promote art and literature exchange between Turkey and GCC countries.

“TEDA is one of our proudest literary achievements and we want to showcase it here in the UAE,” said Mustafa Ozdemir, Cultural & Information Attaché, Cultural & Information Office, Turkish Consulate General in Dubai. “The project aims to share cultural and literary knowledge of Turkey with the foreign audience in their native languages. Some of our top literary works have been translated to Arabic to relate specifically to this region.”

According to Ozdemir, throughout the past decade, continuous efforts have been made to promote exchange and trade between Turkey and the GCC countries in various industries, and now with avenues such as ADIBF, Turkish literature can be showcased to the Arab world.

“Turkey has always enjoyed deeply rooted historical, cultural, social and religious ties with the Arab world and so we know that our literary works will appeal to the region,” added Ozdemir.

The TEDA initiative has so far translated Turkish literature into 56 different languages from 61 different countries.

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