Belongings to keep in the brain before choosing a home design

Choosing a home design is a real challenge. The easiest way is to go to an architect, and after a conversation, he will draw a house for individual needs. However, nowadays, the most popular method of obtaining a project is to buy a catalog house. The advantage of this solution is, of course, the price. But how do you choose the most suitable project from a million proposals?

Development conditions on the plot

You have a construction plot on which you want to put your house. The first thing to consider before choosing a house design is the Decision on building conditions. We obtain this document at the municipal office upon a special application, and it is crucial when choosing a project because it specifies the principles of what architecture should look like on a given plot. In it, you can find guidelines for. Interesting fact: The Decision on building conditions was to be an auxiliary element in establishing guidelines for the new building. In countries with a high level of urban planning, the spatial development plan determines how the city develops and shapes the architecture. However, a small percentage of areas with established plans in Poland means that WZ-that has become a key document defining building conditions. This often leads to spatial and functional chaos on a city scale as well as a small area.


A one-story house or attic

If the building conditions allow you to build a house with an attic, then its profitability and convenience of use should be analyzed. I refer to a short article on this topic: One-story house or attic house

Expected number of users.

 The answer to the question, how many home users will be really important. Who will the residents be, and what their needs are? Many people deciding to build a house do not take this aspect into account, and after moving out, the children stay in a huge house that needs to be maintained and cleaned. The primary thing you should reimburse notice to is the time for which we are building a house and how many real residents there will be most of the time. If parents with adolescent children decide to build a house, remember that the latter will go.

Additional needs

Living in a house evokes some associations. Our thoughts about a new home usually revolve not around functional decay, but with certain associations and emotions. We want to have a library with a fireplace and armchair, a large bathroom, where we can accommodate a huge bath and shower, a place for wine, a quiet study where we can isolate ourselves from the family bustle and focus on work. Most often, people choosing a house design, moving out of an apartment in a block of flats, want to have it all, and to  choosing the design to multiply the rooms that will later be empty most of the time.