Benefits of music that you didn’t realize

Can you imagine a world without music? History shows that every civilization that has ever inhabited our planet has used music in religion, meditation, medicine, rituals, and entertainment. However, it is worth knowing that music also affects our health.

Music is good for your heart

It is said that music is good for the soul, but what about the heart? There are many studies that prove the beneficial effects of music on the human body. For example, cardiac patients at General Hospital were observed and qualified for surgery. Some of them listened to Mozart’s piano, sonatas for half an hour each day. This group of patients later noted normalization of the pulse and lowering of blood pressure, which did not occur in patients who did not listen to music at all.

It will help you feel happier

For those who get out of bed in the morning and are depressed, there are therapeutic benefits of listening to music and – surprisingly – it does not have to be fast and cheerful music. Researchers at the University of Kent have proved that the choice of SSIM ( Self-Identified Sad Music ), i.e., the music we identify within a depressed mood, do not have to put us in an even worse condition. As long as the music is beautiful for you, it can help.


Helps premature babies

Scientists have chosen sounds that resemble sounds in the womb. They were different types of music – from the one based on percussion instruments to lullabies. Music therapists chose music adapted to the child’s heartbeat frequency and breathing rhythm. The results were surprising – the children were calmer, slept better, and were less stressed, which also positively affected their parents.

Helps to relieve pain

Patients suffering from penetrating pain also find relief and relief in listening to music. Classical seems to be the best solution, and Mozart and Bach work most soothingly. Meditation music can also affect pain. However, if you are a fan of heavy metal or techno and suffer from pain, then give up on these musical genres, because they cause the acceleration of the pulse and irregular heartbeat.

Playing musical instruments develops the motor ability

 Developing such skills also helps control impulses and social interactions. In stroke patients, there was also a significant improvement in the functioning of musical melodies after learning.

Lets you control your weight

Listening to music that sends information to the subconscious can help people control their weight. This happens in human sensory memory, which is responsible for perception and language skills. That is why product news that should be avoided will be repeated more effectively. Other studies indicate that when you play soft, pleasant and relaxing music while eating, you will experience fullness faster, which will make you eat less