Cash rules in supermarkets

As much as 99 percent of respondents confirmed that they pay in cash when shopping in traditional stores. Slightly fewer people – almost 9 out of 10 – however, also use card payments. Other payment methods are still much less popular, e.g., a contactless card pays 49 percent. Respondents and only 3.4 percent use a new type of payment card in the form of a sticker, e.g., on the phone. Only 1.5 percent of respondents have so far discovered a contactless card on the phone.

Why do we like traditional shopping?

Traditional shopping is most valuable for the opportunity to view and test the product on site – this element is most important for up to 78 percent. Surveyed e-consumers. Half of the respondents like to buy in a supermarket or shopping mall, as this does not involve an additional shipping fee.

4 out of 10 respondents in traditional shopping also value the opportunity to buy the product here and now, without waiting for a courier or a postman. Only 8 percent admits that he just likes to walk around the stores, and 6 percent believes that it is worth going to a traditional store because of the possibility of price negotiations.

Why choose an online store


Reason 1 – you save time

Based on research summarizing consumer habits in 2017, we see that in online stores, we usually buy clothing, computer games, and electronic gadgets. We prefer to go to the traditional “multi-branch” for cosmetics or groceries. Every fourth respondent indicated that he would like to buy groceries, alcohol, medicines, underwear, furniture, or household chemicals via the Internet, but he does not. Why? The reason may be a lack of awareness of the availability of these products on the web, and in the case of food, also ignorance about how to place an order and delivery of goods. It turns out that consumers still do not fully trust grocery or cosmetics online stores. Perhaps this is because it involves the “direct” use of the goods – in the case of food, consumers are probably concerned about the quality and freshness of products. In the case of cosmetic products – concerns relate primarily to the originality or the possibility of trying the specifics. However, before using this option, it is worth reading the opinions of customers who have decided to shop through the network. The vast majority of opinions are positive, and it is very rare that the delivered goods are damaged. Even in the case of “stationary” purchases, there are so-called “shoddy.”

Reason 2 – more control

Walking through the shopping avenues, we come across a lot of colorful signs with the words “Promotion!” Often under the influence of emotions or the usual use of the fact that “we are in the store,” we buy things that we do not really need because they are on sale. When shopping online, these things are unlikely. We simply choose the products we need, and the shopping cart shows the amount we will pay after clicking the “Buy” button! This fact means that we have more control over our own account.