How One App Can Protect You from the Dangers Around You

The internet is a vast place, where everybody can get information and keep themselves entertained. It has also made work easier and faster. That’s why there’s no denying that the internet, paired with a reliable device, can get you everywhere. An example of the internet and technology when they collide is a smartphone. Almost everyone who has access to the internet uses a smartphone filled with apps. There are different applications with different uses too.

RedZone is an app by Ted Farnsworth that aims to protect travelers who are traveling to a foreign country. It can keep them safe with the valuable information that they have. Learn more about this amazing app here, and how it works.

RedZone – The App Made for Travelers

Traveling is a luxury that almost everyone can afford, no matter how near or far the destination is. But traveling can also be dangerous, especially if you don’t know the area that you are visiting. In times like these, you need to research the place beforehand. But sometimes, research is not enough to keep yourself informed about the dangers lurking in every corner. This is where RedZone comes in handy. It works by creating safe routes for travelers to use and it avoids areas where crime happens all the time. It’s as simple as that.

Now that RedZone is here, travelers can now rest their weary hearts and enjoy their vacation fully. As long as they make sure to check RedZone to know which areas to avoid, traveling will always be fun and safe.

How Ted Thought About Making RedZone

While traveling to Jerusalem, Ted realized how widespread crime is. Being in a country where crime always happens, every traveler has the misfortune of potentially being in an area where crime is prevalent. This can lead to dire situations and can be dangerous for them.

With the mapping technology RedZone is designed with, that’s how it can successfully create safe routes. It also gathers data through crowdsourcing, which is then sent to every users’ phone to know more about the areas they need to avoid. Information such as the type of crime, when it happened, and the latest news is important so the users have an idea of what they are potentially facing. This is how RedZone keeps its users safe and secure. You’ll never know when this might help you out in the future when you are out and about.