How to wash and wax your cars?

The maintenance of cars is complicated, and when it’s used cars in Tucson, you are bound to wash and wax the cars. To give it an innovative look, you usually pass and wax the cars. Exterior maintenance is something people typically don’t think about. You have to spend time as car owners to get the best out of your vehicles.

How to wax and clean the cars?

  1. Check whether it’s time to wax the car.
  • The wax manufacturers recommend waxing used cars every 45 days to maintain the shine. Further, the used cars in Tucson need to be waxed often since its in the colder region.
  • Perform an old water breeding test to check if the car requires waxing. If the breeding is on the surface, waxing is not presently needed.
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  1. Washing the car
  • Before washing the used car, park it in a shady place. Besides, please don’t use household soaps to wash the cars as they contain many chemicals. Wash the car using good quality products. Also, you can ask the detailer which detergent to use for the cars.
  1. Checking the surface contaminants to polish the car

Use a clay bar for removing any contaminants located on the surface. It is a required step just before waxing. Secondly, the abrasive bar helps in the smooth cleaning of the cars. After making sure that the surface doesn’t have any contaminants, you can start polishing the vehicle. Polishing the car removes the coat properly, making it perfect for waxing.


  1. Waxing of the car
  • Picking the right wax product for your car can be challenging. Use either paste-based or liquid wax that lasts for about three to four months.
  • Divide the surface into parts for waxing it. Start applying the wax in a circular motion, and buff will also be required.
  • Let the wax set in for few minutes and clean it off using a clean microfiber towel. You have to remove the polish entirely from the car. Let the vehicle shine on its own.


Car polishing and waxing require time. Do it with patience, and you will get a clean look car.