Learn How to Get a Name to Shine in Your Film Industry.

Learn How to Get a Name to Shine in Your Film Industry. 

Having a Name, or in other words, a well-known actor or actress, onboard an indie film production is always one more point to its success. Most film producers dream of having a talent with marquee value because it helps a lot with finding an investor and getting a project funded. Moreover, it also adds up credibility to any director because work with big names is a fractional currency of the film world.

Be ready that you will feel intimidated about asking a famous actor to join your cast. However, some tips can help you act more confidently. Actors agents are the gatekeepers of the film industry, so once you pass them, you can feel more relaxed. Even if you don’t get through the gates from the very first try, these tips will ensure that an agent will take you seriously.

Learn How to Get a Name to Shine in Your Film Industry.

  1. Script polishing

A perfect script is the foundation of any film and the related matters. Such big production and investment companies like that of Ryan Kavanaugh, as well as actors first and foremost, read the text before they learn anything else about a film. So before you proceed with the development of your film project, ensure that your work is not “almost ready,” “going through another rewrite,” or is “nearly perfect.” Forget about such concepts. Your script must be entirely ready. Full stop.

  1. Schedule production

Once the script is finalized, you need to make a schedule of your production process. And it should include not only the filming days, but rehearsals, fittings, travel time for cast and crew, and the rest of the involvement time. Such a day-by-day report will allow you to calculate the exact number of days you will ask an actor to dedicate to your film.

  1. Match the role to the name

Flat roles without a zest won’t be of interest to any actor. This is because such a job is always considered to be a large paycheck and nothing else. You need to put your star in a place that makes the day. It can even be an episodical appearance that is remembered once and for all. You don’t have to put your big star on the lead role! Just remember films like Friends (with Danny DeVito, Brad Pitt or Sean Penn) where famous stars appeared for only a couple of minutes but whose characters are quoted even today. That’s your goal, especially if the budget is tight.

  1. Timing and value

Be ready that with an independent film in mind, you won’t be able to book a star a year in advance. These are business people whose agents are continually looking for the best roles and more significant for a sizable offer. So try to avoid long-term offers as well as summer months when people tend either to be booked or occupied with their families on vacations.