films produced by Ryan Kavanaugh

List of the films produced by Ryan Kavanaugh

These days, people love to watch different kinds of movies and without a doubt, movies are one of the great sources for enjoyment. There are many movies with good stories and that’s why many people love to watch movies. If we talk about celebrities then people choose the movies of their favorite celebrities. In other words, we can say that many people watch movies for their favorite celebrities. There are many reasons to watch movies. As you know people do full day work and get tired and bored. In this situation, a person wants to rest and entertainment. So, movies are one of the best sources of entertainment.

There are many movies makes and film producers. On the other side, the list of celebrities is also big. You can see that Hollywood has many talented and famous personality celebrities. If we talk about Ryan Kavanaughthen he is an American businessman and a film producer. Without a doubt, he produced many films. So, in today’s article, we tell you about some movies which are produced by him.

Here is a list of the movies of Ryan:

  1. Limitless:

If we talk about the films produced by Ryan then we can take the name of limitless. Yes, this amazing movie is produced by Ryan. The story of the movie is awesome and this movie is released in 2011. If we say simply then this movie is produced by Ryan KavanaughBradley cooper, Leslie Dixon, and Scott kroopf.

  1. The fighter:

If we are talking about the movies of Ryan then we can also take the name of the fighter. This movie is also one of the best movies. This movie is released in 2010. Without a doubt, many people like this movie.

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  1. Safe haven:

If we talk about this movie then this movie has also a very amazing story. In other words, its story is awesome and it released in 2013. This movie is also produced by Ryan. So, if want to see an amazing and twisty love story you can watch this movie.

  1. The best of me:

People love to watch different kinds of movies and awe if we talk about Ryan then this movie is produced by Ryan. This movie has an awesome and entertaining story. This movie is released in the year 2014.

So, these films are produced by Ryan and he also produced many other films.