Sport is an important part of everyone’s life

Sport has accompanied man since time immemorial. Already in ancient times, various competitions and tournaments were organized, although they differed significantly from today’s disciplines. Sports competition is a very important part of human life. I would like to prove this thesis with some arguments. As everyone knows, sport is health. People who don’t have any movement in their lives are slower, more tired, have trouble concentrating in contrast to active people. Daily gymnastics or regular exercise significantly improve general fitness and well-being.

To  positive values through sport?

There is the talk of an increasing problem with passing on values ​​to children and adolescents. Can the sport be the answer to their lack of a young person’s life? Sport is a very developmental area of ​​our lives. Many of us take physical activity in any form. It is also worth taking care of your children in this area. It is obvious that in the era of television, computer, and “junk food,” the most important challenge is to fight young man’s obesity. Sport, however, not only strengthens and hardens the body, but it also allows you to pursue your sports talents and win titles, medals. Regular sport teaches perseverance and regularity. Because to learn something, improve a skill or run faster, you just have to participate regularly and train. Sport is also deepening interpersonal relationships, both between peers and parents. It doesn’t matter if we train or support; we share common goals and emotions. This means that young athletes can already take part in championships. In the past year, competitors took part in numerous competitions, A young, ambitious, and inventive trainer makes the training attractive for both older and younger children. People have been presenting the pros and cons of sports for many years. I belong to supporters of physical activity, dated I will try to prove and confirm the belief that it is worth doing sports.


Undoubtedly, sportspeople have good conduction. They don’t get tired as fast as the others; they are persistent. Many people do sports because of improving their appearance. People who are overweight in this way get rid of unnecessary kilograms and thus – reduce their susceptibility to various types of cancer. Please note that people practicing sports, especially swimming, also have no problems with posture defects. So I think that the evidence presented confirmed the fact that through sport, we immunize the body against diseases. One cannot ignore one more argument, which is the statement that sport is science.

Certainly, by training a given sports discipline with other players, we learn competition and team play. Through sport, we become mentally persistent; we learn to fight to the end, not to give up prematurely. However, if the effort put into the sport does not bring the expected results – we learn to lose. We are then able to accept a defeat with dignity and honor, believing in future successes. I believe that the evidence cited is sufficient to support the argument that through sport, we learn to believe in our own abilities.