Ted Farnsworth

Ted Farnsworth- The Future Of Marketing

The entertainment industry has opened its door for many possibilities. It was previously limited to the television and the theatre. But it has extended its hand to social media and giving rise to social media stars. All of these do not happen in one night. There are masterminds behind it who push the agenda through marketing and advertising. Ted Farnswortha name with many professions as co-founded Zash Global Media and Entertainment, partake in marketing’s brilliance.

Who is Ted Farnsworth?

A consummate disrupter, film producer, financier and entrepreneur. He used to be the chairman of MoviePass and is famous for changing the media industries dynamics.

In his career of thirty-five years, he has made numerous companies that have witness success. The industry sees him as an expert in marketing, strategic development, consumer behaviour and public relations.

What is his new company about?

Ted Farnsworth has the vision to bring technology to marketing. He wants Zash Global Media and Entertainment to be ahead of its game in the rich-fueled marketing industry. His co-founded company is an evolved chain of companies operating together to distribute the best content to the targetted audience.


The company applies the best and advanced technologies and models to present their targetted audience with personalized content.

It can be deemed as the future of marketing. The population is large and among them is a wide variety of audience. Not all of them wants to enjoy the same kind of content. They cannot plead with the marketing agencies to show them what they need. But with Zash, each type of audience can enjoy content made just for them. Through data analysis, Zash will take marketing to its new era, where people do not have to sit through something they do not want to.

And Ted is the perfect person to bring this change. With the digital era looming upon us, a change was essential. Ted, with his thirty-five years of experience, knows the way to execute this phenomenon. Moreover, his brilliance in strategic development and consumer behaviour is a plus point with which Zash will be moving forward.

Ted’s idea and vision made him a man to whom every aspired entrepreneur look upon. He had his share in interview columns of famous publications and magazine. And recently, with all the hype, his co-founded company has also grabbed some attention. Zash acquired a big portion of the stake in Lomotif and thus, made headlines.