For people who love warm weather and sandy beaches, Florida sounds like a great place to live in. Known as the Sunshine State, it has about 200 sunny days in a year. It is a big state with coastal cities and landlocked towns. Beautiful lakes and canals surround its areas. Florida is the third most populous state in the country. Choosing where exactly to live in this state needs some consideration. 30A Real Estate agents can help compare areas so you can pick which suits you best.


This amazing area is the second-best in Florida. The population growth here is more than 8% in 4 years. High school students of Melbourne are fourth in ranking for college readiness. That is out of the hundred and twenty-five metro areas.


If you want DisneyWorld and Universal Studios to be your neighbors, then Orlando is the place for you. Its theme parks offer a lot of jobs and activities for people of all ages and gender. The cost of living is higher than in other areas because the median annual salary here is at around $44,000.


With a population of more than six million, this metro area is the most populous in Florida. This major tourist destination sits at the southern tip of the state. Its vibrant culture and lively nightlife attract plenty of tourists and locals. People also love Miami for its year-round wonderful hot weather.

Daytona Beach

The population of this area is about one-tenth of Miami’s but it has been growing in recent years. Retirees prefer this spot on the Atlantic coast because of the cost of living. The median annual salary in Daytona Beach is around $38,000 and residents spend about 28% of that on housing.

Make sure to take your time when choosing which area suits you best. There is no need to hurry or you will regret your choice later on.