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Top techniques to master in Dota 2 game

Ancient of Defence is a popular map in Dota Warcraft III game that has obsessed a large number of players, maybe because of its contestant updates. Each latest version has gain followers and fame, including mmr boosts Dota 2. Therefore, it is not a surprise that Dota strategies and tactics are common in the current gaming web. Here are some useful techniques in the Dota 2 game:

Hero Building technique

One of the prime aims is Hero building. Heroes acquire strength and abilities through gold purchase. So the prime objective is to earn gold. Dota heroes obtain gold by destroying or terminating enemy personnel or asset, mainly killing creeps.

It is easier to acquire experience but achieving gold is quite complicated. Also, it helps to wait for the health of the enemy to reduce. The final hit also increases the gold; therefore, timing is essential. Spells that tackle much damage can increase more creep killing at a particular time.

Begin by finding the kind of hero

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Another strategy is identifying the type of hero based on intelligence, Strength, or Agility. Purchase the items that will enhance these skills. The speed boost is another useful item that increases the speed to withdraw or attack. Other useful item includes sapphire waters, regeneration rings, nobility circlets and ironwood branches.

Understand their limitation and attributes

A player to who achieves the best from mmr boost hero implies that he has understood the limitation and attributes of the game. As player progress with the game, he or she needs to improve his knowledge for a particular character with their attribute to upkeep mastering the game.

Aiming to maximum damage also employ an optimum survival strategy that seeks to prevent unnecessary death and damage limit. All these incidents reduce and add up gold and health by little.

Buying health potions

Buying a health portion is another useful tactic that saves base return. Making the enemy return to the base for healing is a waste of time. There are other ways you can learn how to increase gold and also acquire abilities. One of the tactics is visiting Dota 2 forums, and sites offer a guideline on how to do it correctly.


At the initial stage, you may be killed in several hits. So, you will have to acquire the cure of your creep. However, as you continue to develop, you will improve the abilities to destroy the entire tower alone.